3 Easy-To-Do Styling Tips for Curvy Girls

3 Easy-To-Do Styling Tips for Curvy Girls

The way the “real woman” is being celebrated today is unprecedented. Never have we seen so many high street as well as high fashion brands breaking down the stereotypes of beauty with their body positive collections, campaigns, and policies. Being able to challenge the size 0 standards prevalent in the fashion industry has given all women the chance to feel accepted and more comfortable in their own bodies.

However, there are still some challenges that curvy or plus-size women face when it comes to how they dress. So, read on for some styling tips that will help you play to your strengths and make you look fabulous everyday!

  • Play with different lines and shapes

The key to accentuating your curves and looking great is to play around with different lines and shapes that draw the eye. An easy trick here is to wear one color head to toe, such as a jacket and trousers in one color, offset by a neutral top underneath. This helps create a seamless, uninterrupted line that makes you look slimmer and taller. The color of the outfit as well as the structure of the pieces will draw the eye away from the middle of the body.

  • Understand the rules of the hem

Hems and understanding where they should be on your body can help elongate your frame and make you look sleeker. For instance, the hem of a knee length skirt should fall just over the knee or under it. If it falls on the bigger part of your calves, you may end up looking broader and shorter than you are. In case of jeans, hems that slightly graze the ankle are most flattering.

  • DITCH your oversized clothes

Absolutely no one looks good in baggy oversized clothes. When you wear something that is too big for you, you are only adding more volume to your frame.             Instead, try clothes that are fitting (not skintight) and show off your curves. For instance, instead of a huge t-shirt dress, wear a maxi dress that has some definition at the waist. If you are looking for a relaxed silhouette, pair your loose shirt or t-shirt with tighter bottoms.

These are only some of the many styling tips and tricks that you can adopt. There are so many outfit options that can help you embrace as well as accentuate your curves. Shop for plus-size fashion on Koinophobic, an online boutique for women’s clothing.