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3 Easy-To-Do Styling Tips for Curvy Girls

3 Easy-To-Do Styling Tips for Curvy Girls The way the “real woman” is being celebrated today is unprecedented. Never have we seen so many high street as well as high fashion brands breaking down the stereotypes of beauty with their body positive collections, campaigns, and policies. Being able to challenge the size 0 standards prevalent in the fashion industry has given all women the chance to feel accepted and more comfortable in their own bodies. However, there are still some challenges that curvy or plus-size women face when it comes to how they dress. So, read on for some styling tips that will help you play to your strengths and make you look fabulous everyday! Play with different lines and...

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Sleepwear as Daywear- When Comfort and Style Come Together

If there is something we all can learn from the last few fashion seasons, it is that pajamas have spilled on to the streets from the bedrooms. Inspired by the loungewear of the 20s, the style of wearing your pajamas during the daytime is here to stay. Face it, you will never say no to the idea of leaving your house in your comfortable PJs. It may be one of the most unusual trends out there but it is definitely the easiest to pull off. From loose fitting robes, silky button downs to baggy dresses, there is no dearth of options out there, which is what makes this trend so easy and affordable to adopt. However, without the right styling...

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Koinophobic Gives Back

It can no longer be said that my life was ordinary!  This last month has been an exhilarating experience that has forever changed my story.  Preparing for launch was nerve racking and kept me so busy that I almost didn't have time to stop and realize the magnitude of what I was attempting to accomplish.  I am humbled by the support and encouragement that I have received these last few weeks.  This experience is definitely curing my koinophobia...or at least putting it in remission! October is going to prove to be an exciting month for Koinophobic.  We don't want to be just another boutique.  We want to be YOUR favorite boutique, and not just because we have the trendiest must...

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We are open for business!

It has taken months of hard work and determination to get this store open for business but I'm so excited for it to launch!  Have fun browsing our many items and shop till you drop!  Everything is 15% off through Monday, just enter code EVERYTHING15 at checkout.  If you have any questions or issues please email us at  If you haven't already signed up for our email newsletter at the website do so now as we will send out special coupon codes and notify you of new product information!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well so you never miss this newest must have items!  I am sure there will be some hiccups, as with everything new...but I'm...

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